Our contribution for the social and environmental development.

    Since ever we have always been present in the growth and development of our community.
    For this reason we give our active contribution sustaining numerous social initiatives and we engage ourselves in producing in an environmental sustainable way.

    Termoplast - Scraps recovering machine

    Scraps recovery.

    Our technicians are continuously involved in the optimization of the productive processes in order to minimize and increase the values of scraps.

    Termoplast Photovoltaic system

    Energy saving.

    5000 sqm of photovoltaic system produces part of the power necessary for our activities, reducing CO2 emissions and consumption of fossil energy.

    Termoplast sustainable production of polyolefinic technical films

    Emissions control and stock.

    Our productive systems are developed in such a way to guarantee the minimum emissions level for a lower impact in the atmosphere.


    Support for social activities is an integral part of our corporate identity and actively involve us both in supporting local authorities and national associations engaged in medical research, sports and social promotion projects.

    Christmas with the heart of Norcia

    Christmas is always a good opportunity to help other people. This year
    our Christmas Packages are enriched with high quality food products
    from Norcia (PG), the town in Italy damaged by the earthquake few months ago,
    in order to help the earthquake victims and giving our employees some of the
    best Italian goodness.


    We are proud to support the Meyer Foundation, devoted for so many years to
    scientific research on pediatric diseases and supporting the activities of
    Meyer Hospital in Florence.


    We support the work of Telethon foundation to finance studies
    and research projects on genetic diseases. Even in 2016 we are close to
    Ant and Telethon foundations in support of oncological and genetic diseases.


    Foundation Ant

    Since long we support the efforts of the volunteers of the ANT
    foundation in providing free health care to people with oncological diseases.


    Mariposas Project

    2016 brings with him a good news: the birth of Mariposas Project,
    born also thanks to our contribution which offers support and help
    to those women victims of violence.


    Boccaccio Literary Award

    This year we are proud for having sustained culture, leading actor of the 35th edition
    of Boccaccio Literary Award, a three days events which brought to our region
    some of the most important names among the Italian Literary scenario.



    We are close to the job of MISERICORDIE association with concrete helps
    in purchases of instrumentations, equipments and special facilities for social services.


    Every year we contribute in spreading the sports among the youth,
    financing activities and projects of various Sports Associations.