“The passion we have is relentless, exactly like our production.”

Alessandro Cenni - Production Manager Termoplast srl
  • A modern factory with the latest equipments.
    Blown film extrusion.

    The level of specialization achieved by the production department is a source of pride and an incentive to improve continuously. The production is organized in 10,000 square meters with modern extrusion lines and automatic handling systems and storage of goods, in order to reduce the difficulties optimizing the staff's job.


    Blown extrusion technology.

    Our blown extrusion technology allows us to process all types of resins by increasing the variability of the products and the ability to meet customer requirements.

    The results are performing film with excellent physical-chemical and mechanical properties.

    Blown extrusion processes

    Extrusion lines and productive processes technologically advanced.

    Modern facilities
    Production lines and product parameters are monitored using the most advanced technologies. Once the process comes to the end, reels are palletized according to the needs of the customer and prepared for shipping.

    Within the automatic warehouse the incoming raw materials and semi-finished products are identified by type and size, then stored in optimal conditions to be protected against contamination and spoilage. An additional external building of 1,500 square meters is used for the special products handling and storage of the granules.



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