“Quality cannot be improvised.
It begins respecting the requisites and rewards with results”

Roberta Pisani - Quality Manager Termoplast srl
  • Quality requires high standards.
    Laboratory for thechnical films tests.

    Adoption of an integrated quality management system, certified since 1996, ensure the correct administration of risks and the respects of the defined standards.

    The incentive to a constant improvement brought us obtaining in 2011 the BRC/IoP certification as further safety warranty of our technical films for the flexible packaging.



    We contribute to the safety of the whole supply chain.

    In order to protect consumers and to contribute to a food - packaging - environment system as safe as possible, we watch over our internal processes and cooperate with partners for the success of the final product . We also apply the standard of self-control certificate BRC - IoP at all levels of the organization, with positive effects on the products and the entire supply chain.