August 2019


    To keep up with the times, it is not anymore enough placing on the market environmentally sustainable products if we are not able to produce them in total respect for the environment itself. In a world where CO2 emissions in atmosphere are in the eye of the storm, we are proud to demonstrate how Termoplast, even in this respect, is able to meet these needs and turn them into resources; the recent certification obtained by the GSE (Energy Services Manager), certifies us as one of the companies with the lowest CO2 emissions in the atmosphere among the energy-intensive companies of our country.

    Only by the beginning of the year 2019, we have avoided the introduction of 1,573 tons of CO2 in atmosphere equivalent to the consumption of 1,164 average homes, emissions that would be obtained by burning 145,000 square meters of forest to produce energy. This has been achieved thanks to integrated high-efficiency technological systems developed over the years to be able to contribute to an environment that, in order to be cleaner, increasingly needs our help.