July 2015

    President Salvino Barnini talks about the future of Termoplast speaking at Platinum, the magazine that collects testimonials of Italian entrepreneurial.

    An history of almost half a century, a still strong passion and a future in the hands of the new generations: these are the basis of one of the key companies in the production of technical films for flexible packaging for food, medical and industrial applications.

    President Salvino Barnini interviewed by Platinum, describes the evolution of Termoplast and does it with a word of concern for many workers and professionals which have contributed, over the years, to the growth of the company. The future can still reserve great satisfactions, powered by a sales of nearly 50 million euro and a constant growth in exports to European markets. And the orientation to progress, matched with the confidence in the skills of the new generation, called to lead the company, which has brought the management to start an expansion project, once again, made in Italy.

    The results, expected in 2016, will bring to a new plant adjacent to the current and intended to further expand the production area.

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