Evolves who fits
new conditions.

  • Solutions to enhance the product range.
    Tailored polymeric technical films.

    Most of our production comes from the study of customized films, according to customer’s specifications. Working closely with the actors of the packaging industry we can identify the most suitable solution.

    The team of researchers works on the development of chemical formulations and supports the customers in the timely resolution of various issues.


    Polyethilene, polypropilene, nylon, polyester, evoh and other resins combination.

    To obtain satisfactory results, experience is needed but also adaptability to the changing market conditions and the ability to concentrate the energy on a constant work of listening, testing and researching.

    Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide , polyester and EVOH are the main families of polymers employed in the processes of mono and co-extrusion for the flexible packaging market. This variability of composition opens endless possibilities of formulations that combine the different properties of materials obtaining specific results.