Technical films
for hygiene applications.

  • Balance beetween performances and properties.
    Technical films for hygiene.

    Dedicated plant, latest generation technology and real-time extrusion process control: these are the bases on which Termoplast has conceived the new Hygiene Division. The target is to bring innovation in a market that is always receptive to new solutions. All in compliance with the standards of quality, expertise and service that have attested us among the leaders in the production of technical films for lamination in the food and medical market. A dedicated laboratory with an experienced and skilled team will handle quality control and R&D projects in close cooperation with customers to develop new products and face the new challenges of this market.






    Custom films

    Our innovative production lines allow us producing custom-made blown films according to customer's request with particular attention to downgauging. Termoplast range of products includes breathable and not breathable films for the main Hygiene market fields with the possibility of printing and folding. Our purpose is to transfer to the new Division the results achieved over the years in coextrusion up to 9 layers for the realization of new high performances products.